Media Track



What is the workshop?

An initiative called "Digital Security & Privacy for Newsrooms" for working journalists, editors, journalism/media educators, and students. Journalists have become more vulnerable on assignment in dangerous places, but also in their daily routines, at home, in the newsroom, or on the road, as digital surveillance increases.

The objective of this workshop is to ensure secure communication and storage of confidential data/sources and avoid surveillance/mobile tracking for media houses.

Who should attend?

- Working Journalists & Editors

- Journalism/Media Educators

- Journalism Students

- CTO, CISO, Information Security Managers from News Organizations

- Activists

- Lawyers

Note: These workshops are designed keeping in mind at-risk groups like - Journalists, Lawyers, Activists which are prone to surveillance and cyberattacks. It's highly recommended for people who work in similar fields.

For more information about upcoming workshops or a private session at your media organization, contact us: [email protected].